Sasha Vinci

Public projects & Performances

Piccola Primavera Dorata
2021, Reggia di Caserta

Il Corpo Elettrico
MANN Napoli, 2021

P.P.P. Possibile Politica Pubblica (a Pier Paolo Pasolini)
MANN Napoli, 2021

A Human Flower Wall
2019 New York City – Tandon School of Engineering

La Repubblica Delle Meraviglie

La Terra dei Fiori (Leggi info)

Mutabis (Leggi info)

Sound & Music Projects


Il Gioco Della Deriva

Piccola Primavera Dorata

L’Eterna Attesa

Quello Che Vedo Non È La Realtà (Read info)

Non Si Disegna Il Cielo – Volterra – Canto I (Leggi info)

Non Si Disegna Il Cielo – Chiaramonte Gulfi – Canto II (Leggi info)

I Viaggiatori Indossavano Il Fuoco Della Bellezza (Leggi info)

The Multinatural Shape Of Tomorrow

The Magnificence Breath

The Magnificent Flight

Possibile Politica Pubblica


Inganni Contemporanei (Read info)


La Terra Dei Fiori

Fantasmi Senza Corone


Il Corpo Elettrico

Piccola Primavera Dorata

PPP Possibile Politica Pubblica

Mercurio – Non Ho Paura

Mercurio – Castelli Di Rabbia

Sento Le Maree

A Human Wall Flower

La Grande Sete

Trailer La Terra dei Fiori

Vinci-Galesi_Trailer La Repubblica delle Meraviglie

La Terra dei Fiori


SASHA VINCI (1980) lives in Scicli, Sicily. 

The artist’s research is based on the uninterrupted experimentation of different artistic languages. Performance, sculpture, drawing, painting, writing, music are expressions that the artist uses to create works from which emerges a free thought that wonders about the problems of existence, to reach a broad and plural vision. Each project is to be considered a civil action of resilience, in which art and community combine in an act that the artist defines a “cultural performance”, to disagree with the political and social distortion of our time and learn to acquire new rules of civil behavior. 

A transversal investigation, which is expressed through different media, is that one on Multinaturalism, which tells about the multiple aspects of nature, shifting the focus from the human being to the variety of what surrounds him. By combining together different forms belonging to human, animal, vegetable and mineral kingdoms, the artist creates perfect and imaginative configurations, which do not yet exist, but represent a prelude to reconciliation between man and nature. Multinaturalism also means respect for “the other” and is a glimpse into the perspective of a sustainable future. 

The artist’s poetics is also expressed through the study of words and language: scattered letters, acronyms, words written in LIS several times follow one another in his drawings and paintings; socio-political slogans and posters take turns, instead, in his performances; and finally there is the sung word of the project Mercurio, in which the voice becomes the instrument to talk about possible utopias, multinatural forms, fantasies and visions, acts of violence and love, freedom of action and expression beyond any control and authority. 

From 2012 to 2018 Vinci actively collaborated with the artist Maria Grazia Galesi with whom he created the Vinci/Galesi duo, giving rise to the Trilogy of the Possible: a public and social art project that involved citizens and communities. 

In 2008 he was the creator and founder of SITE SPECIFIC (, an independent reality managed by the non-profit cultural association PASS/O. An ambitious and far-reaching project that transforms the city of Scicli in a “Live Theater”, a place where contemporary creativity can live and exist.

In January 2013, in collaboration with other professionals, he founded S.E.M. (Spazi Espressivi Monumentali – Monumental Expressive Spaces): a model of sustainable development that redesigns, in Scicli, the integrated management of monuments, combining cultural content, as art and traditions, and economic strategies. For S.E.M. Sasha Vinci covers the role of artistic director. From December 2012 to September 2013 he was also the artistic director of CLANG project.

Sasha Vinci’s works have been published in different national and international newspapers and magazines such as Hi-Fructose Magazine, Flash Art, Artribune, Arte e Critica, Wall Street International, Exibart and Exibart on paper, Abitare Magazine, Espoarte, Segno Magazine, Gestalt Gtk, El Pais, Diari De Girona (Dominical), Il Sole 24 ore, Panorama, L’Espresso, La Repubblica, Il Fatto Quotidiano, Kairós Magazine, Famiglia Cristiana, La Sicilia, Il Giornale di Sicilia, Il Giornale di Scicli. 

Since 2017 he has been actively collaborating with the aA29 Project Room gallery
In 2005 he graduated in Sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence. 



In 2020 he is one of the winners of the competition “Contemporary Creation & Green Museum – Wooden Renaissance, a site-specific growth” called by the Royal Palace of Caserta, in collaboration with MiC, with the project PICCOLA PRIMAVERA DORATA.

In 2019 Sasha Vinci was selected by the curatorial board NOS – Elisa Del Prete and Silvia Litardi, to take part in the third edition of GRAND TOUR D’ITALIE, a project conceived by the Directorate-General for Contemporary Creativity – MiC. 

In 2017 he wins the Sustainable Art Prize, founded by Ca’ Foscari University of Venice, in collaboration with ArtVerona, to realise a public work with the help of the university students.




– IL GIOCO DELLE DERIVA, Performance and site specific installation at the Cloister of the Cultural Center La Mercè, Girona (Spain), curated by Lara Gaeta and under the patronage of the Municipality of Girona.

– INNER JARDIN NOIR, exhibition with Sasha Vinci’s installation in dialogue with the  garments designed by Ilaria Bellomo, Villa Favard, Firenze. Event organised by Polimoda, Firenze.


– PICCOLA PRIMAVERA DORATA, site specific work installed in the Royal Park of the Royal Palace of Caserta.

– POSSIBILE POLITICA PUBBLICA, curated by Maurizio Bortolotti. MANN National Archaeological Museum of Naples.

– MERCURIO, publication of the first songwriter album made in collaboration with Vincent Migliorisi.


– MERAVIGLIOSAMENTE NELLA STESSA TEMPESTA, selection of six videos presented at the Teatro la Fenice in Venice, on the occasion of the performance “Gondellieder” based on the writings of J. W. Goethe, curated by Diego Mantoan.

– EX MACHINA, group show curated by Rosa Cascone and Lara Gaeta. Carmine Museum, Scicli.


– THE MULTINATURAL SHAPE OF TOMORROW, curated by Sarahcrown and Diego Mantoan. The Yard, New York.

– A HUMAN FLOWER WALL, curated by Diego Mantoan. New York University, NYC.

– FANTASMI SENZA CORONE, curated by Gerardo Giurin. MAC3 Museum of Contemporary Art, Caserta.


– LA GRANDE SETE, curated by L. Adragna and S. Ribaudo. Church of S.M. dello Spasimo, Palermo. Manifesta 12 – Collateral Event.

– LA REPUBBLICA DELLE MERAVIGLIE, curated by Diego Mantoan and Paola Tognon. A project conceived following the winning of the 2017 Sustainable Art Prize. Promoted by Ca’ Foscari University Venice and Sustainable Ca’ Foscari, in collaboration with ArtVerona and the aA29 Project Room gallery, Milan/Caserta.   

– LA TERRA DEI FIORI – Epilogue, curated by Daniele Capra, texts by Gabi Scardi. Gallery aA29 Project Room, Milan.


– FOUR DIRECTIONS, curated by Daniele Capra. Gallery aA29 Project Room, Caserta.

– ARTVERONA – Project La terra dei fiori. Gallery aA29 Project Room, Caserta-Milan.

– LA TERRA DEI FIORI, curated by Daniele Capra, texts by Gabi Scardi. Royal Palace of Caserta.

– OUTER SPACE, curated by Ginevra Bria and Atto Belloli Ardessi. FuturDome, Milan.


– I VARCHI DEL POI, critical view by Leonardo Caffo and Daniele Capra. Gallery aA29 Project Room Milan.

– ARTVERONA – MUTABIS Project, curated by Eleonora Raspi. Gallery aA29 Project Room, Caserta-Milan.

– A M N I O S, performance by Sasha Vinci and Tamara Marino. City of Scoglitti – Molo di Ponente.

– KORONE / La Sovranità appartiene al Popolo, performance by Sasha Vinci. City of Scicli 02 June 2016.

– KÓSMOS, curated by Site Specific, Museo del Campanile, Scicli.


– ARTVERONA INDEPENDENTS 6 – Project FIELD NOTES, curated by Cristiano Seganfreddo, Verona Fiere.

– SPAZI-Il multiverso degli spazi indipendenti, curated by Andrea Lacarpia and Lorenzo Madaro, Fabbrica del Vapore, Milan.

– ALTER, critical vision Martina Cavallarin, Giusi Diana, Eleonora Frattarolo, Cecilia Freschini, Chiaramonte Gulfi.

– M’ARTE, curated by Eleonora Raspi, site-specific installations, atrium of the Municipality of Volterra, Piazza di Montegemoli.

– ADAM, curated by Giuseppe Carrubba and Silvio Ciappi, in collaboration with Galleria Continua, Site Mill, Scicli. 


– PREMIO FAM GIOVANI, site specific installation, Fabbriche Chiaramontane, Agrigento.

– ARTVERONA INDEPENDENTS 5, curated by Cristiano Seganfreddo, Verona Fiere.

– ANIMA PURA, curated by Serena Ribaudo, site specific installation, Palazzo Costantino and Palazzo Napoli, Palermo.

– ABGRUND, curated by Site Specific, Site Mill and Site Art, Scicli.

– MEMENTO FLORI, curated by Gloria Occhipinti, site specific installation, Palazzo Beneventano, Scicli.


– CRISI, site specific installation, atrium of the Municipality of Scicli.

– ARTVERONA INDEPENDENTS 4 – Progetto RATTO, curated by Cristiano Seganfreddo, Verona Fiere.

– ORGANUM, curated by Site Specific, Chiesa di Santa Maria della Consolazione, Scicli.

– WHAT DO YOU SEE? #2, curated by Roberta Ridolfi, SPONGE, Pergola, Marche.

– DISCIPULOS, curated by Antonio Arévalo, CLANG, Scicli.

– WHAT DO YOU SEE? #1, urban performance, Scicli.


– CROSSING OVER-Frequencies of recombination, CLANG, Scicli.

– ARTVERONA INDEPENDENTS 3 – PRÆSIDEO project, curated by Cristiano Seganfreddo, Verona Fiere. 

– AVVERTIMENTO, Farm Cultural Park, Favara.


– AVVERTIMENTO, Marzamemi, Scicli, Sciacca, Palermo.

– QUELLO CHE VEDO NON È LA REALTÀ, texts by Giovanni Tidona, Galleria degli Archi, Comiso.

– IL BOSCO D’AMORE, curated by Nextl’ink s.n.c., Fondazione Puglisi Cosentino, Catania.


– SITE#2, site specific installation at Torrente di via Aleardi, Scicli.

– SITE#1, site-specific installation at Piattaforma Culturale PASSO, Scicli.

– PRIMA CONNETTIVA, Piattaforma Culturale PASSO, Scicli.

– TÀ SÓMATA, texts by Giovanni Tidona, Piattaforma Culturale PASSO, Scicli.


– YOU ARE HERE YOU EXIST, curated by Fabiana Bellio, Francesco Lucifora, Marco Napolitano and Giovanni Tidona, Dir’Arte, Modica.

– DAIMON 3, curated by Ass. Paradigma, Carcere Le Nuove, Turin.

– LO SPAZIO DELL’ARTE Guardando il volto di Artemide, curated by Francesco Lucifora, Palazzo Iacono, Comiso.


– ITALIAN STARS, Irohani Gallery. Osaka, Japan.

– THE NAKED BODY, curated by Patrizia Fischer, Galleria Narciso and Fondazione Sandro Penna, Turin.

– RESET, curated by PASSO, Palazzo della Cultura, Modica.

– PASSO+, curated by PASSO, Palazzo Mormino, Donnalucata.

– PERFECT WORLD, Ex Convento del Ritiro, Siracusa.


– DAIMON 2, curated by Ass. Paradigma, Certosa Reale di Collegno, Turin.

– INTERNATIONAL TIMES: new works of art by foreign artists, curated by Hannah Barry, London.

– RATS IN THE BASEMENT, curated by Emanuela Nobile Mino, Palazzo Spadaro, Scicli.


– TRASFIGURAZIONI, site specific installation, Scicli.

– CONSTRUCTORS DE SOMNIS, Cultural Centre La Mercè, Girona-Barcelona, Spain.

– INCONTRO, curated by Lucia Nifosì, Mormino Palace, Donnalucata.


– PROGETTO 6+1+1, Art Centre of Silpakorn University, Bangkok, Thailand.