La Grande Sete

La Grande Sete (The Great Thirst)

Curated by Lori Adragna and Serena Ribaudo


In collaboration with:
aA29 Art Project Gallery



21 October 2018
Chiesa di Santa Maria dello Spasimo

On October 21st 2018, in Palermo, inside the magnificent and monumental spaces of Santa Maria dello Spasimo Church, has been presented LA GRANDE SETE, a performance by Sasha Vinci e Maria Grazia Galesi.

This work takes origins form a reflection of an occurrence knows as “La grande sete di Sicilia (the great thirst of Sicily)”, a social case on legacy about public water management.

Due to pollution, to a corrupt manage and to unreasonable waste / wasting, water in the next years will be one of the most serous problem that humanity will have to face. International action plans are now growing to regulate water emergency, an essential element for life and environment.

Besides this conceptualising, LA GRANDE SETE is inspired by the archaic name of Palermo, Zyz, which in Phoenician means flower. It seems that Zyz is related to the ancient urban structure of the city crossed by two rivers, Kemonia and Papireto, which reminds the shape of a flower. 


Starting by the poetic of flower, LA GRANDE SETE becomes a civil/social action, a politic work that talks about plurality and shows an humanity ready to arise from shadow and eager to imagine new passible sustainable worlds.


LA GRANDE SETE is shown to the public as a tableau vivant in which sacrality and individual identities are projected elsewhere. Dozens of people and thousands of chrysanthemum and gerbera reproduce an allegoric scene which becomes a symbol, a protest to react to distortions of present and a suggestion to new and different roads.


The flower then, remains that weapon used by Sasha Vinci and Maria Grazia Galesi to suggest a reflection on the importance of an action of every single person (in a society).


The performance has been promoted by Biennal MANIFESTA 12 as a Collateral Event, under the section BORDER CROSSING. It has been realised  by Comune di Palermo, with the sustain of the gallery aA29 Art Project, the collaboration with independent realities as Site Specific and Spazio Y and Associazione Culturale SEM. The artistic action has been especially designed for Spasimo Church and Palermo by Sasha Vinci and Maria Grazia Galesi, which always creates wonderful visions full of passion that could reveals the ancient and deep forces of nature; universe of wonder prone to endless contaminations and metamorphosis.