Four Directions

Four Directions

Nemanja Cvijanović, Ivan Grubanov, Patrizia Posillipo, Sasha Vinci


Curated by:
Daniele Capra


Vernissage 15 December 19.00
(invite only, RSVP)
16 December 2017 – 25 February 2018

aA29 Art Project is pleased to open the new gallery in Caserta with Four Directions which includes works by Nemanja Cvijanović, Ivan Grubanov, Patrizia Posillipo and Sasha Vinci. The exhibition curated by Daniele Capra summarises the main research carried out by the gallery and outlines the perspective on the historical-social, political and anthropological analysis.


Moving to a new location responds to the new requirements stimulated by an evolution of the gallery and by the need to develop even more ambitious projects. In particular, the space in Via Filippo Turati, located in a late eighteenth century building, allows the accomplishment of more complex exhibitions and also a residency space.”I am very proud of this further step – confides the director Gerardo Giurin – which follows our work on the city and the first recognitions of the activity carried out in the national field”.


Four Directions collects the works of four artists closely related to political aspects of art as history, anthropology, the environment, participation and social criticism. Each artist has a room within the gallery spaces and highlights to the eyes of the viewer a particular sensitivity capable of delineating a personal expressive universe. The exhibition is in fact designed in such a way that the visitor can perceive four universes in a condition not unlike that of a journey undertaken towards four roads that lead in different directions.


The works of Nemanja Cvijanović, often ironic, arise from the awareness of the condition of human and democratic submission under the most extreme capitalism and from the attempt to tell the possibility of an utopia, to suggest an attempt of insubordination towards the system that is often next to us.

Ivan Grubanov’s research compares history, its symbols and its banners, with the problematic circumstance of our present. In particular Grubanov analyses and problematises our condition by arguing that the main stream narratives are incomplete, inauthentic or completely fake.

The photographs of Patrizia Posillipo propose a detailed, social and anthropological analyses of urban spaces, of people, but also of the body and the beginning of human life. With a strong poetic charge, her shots tell the most hidden and most intimate sides of a world to which normally we don’t pay attention.

Sasha Vinci’s artistic practice, which ranges from drawing to sculpture, from photography to performance, often develops from the events of recent history and the contemporary. His work is characterised by a sensitivity towards social and environmental issues, of which the artist amplifies the problems and the most critical elements.