I Varchi Del Poi

I Varchi Del Poi

Tiziana Pers, Sasha Vinci, Maria Grazia Galesi


A cura di:
Leonardo Caffo e Daniele Capra



16 dicembre 2016 / 31 gennaio 2017

giovedì 15 dicembre 2016 / ore 18

Orari di apertura:
mer – gio – ven 11-13;
sab 11-13 / 17-19:45

Su appuntamento:
+39 348 6005128 /
+39 329 8589624

The exhibition analyses the centrality of the artistic action as a conceptual device aimed at overcoming the status quo and finding a gap between the shoals of the present. As Leonardo Caffo writes in his text, “to anticipate means to bend space-time. In this perspective, art becomes the verification of philosophy but also, more important and decisive, the verification of life. For this reason the artist is a completely specific form of life that it is impossible to separate from his work: the meaning of the artist coincides with its use “.

The duo Vinci / Galesi presents the project on display Travellers wore the fire of beauty, with a photographic series in which the heads and hands of the two artists flourish with an ancient ritual. The faces, covered by balaclavas, become in fact blind with the flowers, while in the disclosure of petals glances and somatic features disappear in the research of an (im) possible hybridisation. With the recovery of an ancient manual gesture such as embroidery with flowers, a metamorphosis takes place in which the sense of the sacred and individual identities are projected elsewhere.

During the vernissage the project will come to life in a performance designed for the Milanese space.


With Nativity Tiziana Pers continues her Art History project, in which the artist exchanges one of his works with an animal otherwise destined for slaughter. In Nativity the animals are a donkey and a cow saved last summer during RAVE East Village Artist Residency. In a nativity that speaks through presences and absences – think for example of the lack of human figures that have a central role in the sacred iconographic tradition – the two animals are now portrayed in a pictorial series whose focus is their life as unique and unrepeatable beings.

The last section of the exhibition is dedicated to the encounter between the drawings of Sasha Vinci and those of Tiziana Pers. Loads of symbolism, the works on Vinci’s paper portray birds, insects, Platonic solids, men and women who walk through themes that are not yet overcome, in an attempt to build a relationship that goes beyond the constraints of nature and the social and economic structures of domination. In a parallel way, Pers’s drawings tell stories of extra-ordinary chronicles of animals escaped from the slaughterhouse or saved by activist friends and traveling companions: a narrative addressed to the last of the world, but capable of breaking the chains of a future already written.