La Terra Dei Fiori / Epilogo

La Terra Dei Fiori / Epilogo

Vinci / Galesi


A cura di:
Daniele Capra


vernissage 8 febbraio ore 18.30
8 febbraio – 30 marzo 2018
mer-ven, 12.30-19.30
o su appuntamento


Gabriela Galati

aA29 Art Project is pleased to open the new space in Milan in Piazza Caiazzo 3 with the exhibition La terra dei fiori, which brings together drawings, images, video and the film of the performance by the duo Vinci / Galesi on the occasion of the bi-personal exhibition in La Reggia di Caserta during 2017.

The exhibition, curated by Daniele Capra, completes the project about the symbolic possibilities of art regeneration in Campania, in the South of Italy, which during the last thirty years encountered a violent transformation due to crime and environmental degradation. The duo Vinci / Galesi with their artworks at La Reggia di Caserta testify how, with modest but significant actions, it is possible to transform the land of fires, strewn with toxic waste and ruled by Camorra, to the land of flowers, a fertile place which art can use flowers as an expression of pleasure and spirituality. The exhibition is accompanied by a bilingual catalog written by Gabi Scardi and Daniele Capra, as well as an addendum that contains the documentation of the performance in La Reggia.

Images and videos hosted in the gallery tell the performance realised by Vinci / Galesi together with two groups of Scicli harnesses and a black Friesian stallion starting from the palace gardens. Dressed in a cloak made with their hometown traditional technique of infiorata adorned with local flowers the artists walked in La Reggia through the telescope arcade and then ascended to the noble floor through the majestic central staircase of the residence. Here between the columns of the vestibule they bent down, symbolically letting to the Earth the mantle made by its own goods.

The performance symbolically suggests the mimetic and metamorphic potentials of the flower. The simple and humble beauty of the gerberas and chrysanthemums bloomed in Land of Fires encourage the possibility of a reaction to the moral and environmental decay of a territory. It embodies the hope for a change of the status quo, a rebellion against a sluggish situation.

In the project The land of flowers, the flower is a political device that art can use as an example of redemption reversing the current situation with a new respect. Everyone has to be a witness of the possible change from an extreme abandonment place to a land of honesty and dignity.


The duo Vinci / Galesi was born from the association between Sasha Vinci and Maria Grazia Galesi. Using flowers as their central artistic expression, an ephemeral entity destined for rapid decay. The floral element is a restorative factor in their work, a symbol of rebirth that takes on the faults of man and pays homage to abandonment and moral neglection. The duo Vinci / Galesi also supports the reactivation of forgotten urban spaces.




Sasha Vinci – Maria Grazia Galesi

The land of flowers

edited by Daniele Capra

opening 8 February 6.30pm

8 February – 30 March 2018

Wed-Fri, 12.30-19.30

or by appointment


aA29 Art Project

Piazza Caiazzo 3

20124 Milan