aA29 Project Room


aA29 Project Room takes its name from the small asteroid 2002 aA29 co-orbiting with the Earth. It has been theorised that aA29 may have formed from the collision between Earth and Theia, the planet which, according to the giant impact theory, would have collided with the Earth, conforming the Moon.


aA29 is composed by three galleries and an office of international relations in New York City. Places of participation and multi-functional spaces open to an interdisciplinary dialogue, they were founded to promote, through site-specific projects and a residency planning, the most different forms of contemporary experimentation, giving the priority to the relationships with the universities and with the museums institutions, both national and international.


Founded by Gerardo Giurin and Antonio Cecora, aA29 seeks to encourage those artistic practices which, with their investigation, go through the real data and design new possibilities of action and interaction with the others.
A special attention has the research devoted to the topics of sustainability, Anthropocene, anti-speciesism and the effect of totalitarianism and colonialism on the contemporary age. The artistic practices of aA29 materialise with different media: from drawing to painting, from sculpture to installation, from photography to video, as far as performance and sound installation.