aA29 Project Room


aA29 Project Room takes its name from the small asteroid 2002 AA29 co-orbiting with the Earth that is thought to have formed from the collision between Earth and Theia, a planet that, according to the giant impact theory, would have collided with the Earth, later giving rise to the Moon. Also aA29 was born from the clash-meeting with different entities of the contemporary art world from which it inspired, while following its own orbit, and observing the reality from new and different viewpoints.


It is developed in two galleries in Milan and Caserta: multifunctional spaces, created to promote different forms of experimentation through exhibitions, site-specific projects and residencies. The Project Room addresses socio-political issues, extending its aim to a broader field of research, exploring different possibilities for dialogue and interaction with the other, with the intention of deconstructing some of the foundations of the dominant thought.

aA29 Project Room supports research which is sensitive to ecological and environmental issues, and generates new possibilities of encounter and connection between living beings.


The artists with whom it collaborates, investigate the liminal and dichotomous conditions between human beings and the animal world, between the natural and unnatural, the sacred and the profane, the inhabited and the uninhabited, developing projects in which the public contributes, through participatory actions, towards the affirmation of a collective consciousness that imagines alternative scenarios for the future.