Fantasmi Senza Corone

Fantasmi Senza Corone

Sasha Vinci

Curated by:
Gerardo Giurin

In collaboration with:
aA29 Art Project Gallery



Giovedì 11 aprile 2019 / ore 18:30

Museo d’Arte Contemporanea della città di Caserta
Via Giuseppe Mazzini, 16

From 12 April to 2 May 2019


Museo d’Arte Contemporanea della città di Caserta
Via Giuseppe Mazzini 16 / 81100 Caserta
Email Museo D’Arte Contemporanea
T. 0823 273843

aA29 Art Project /

Ufficio Stampa / That’s Contemporary

On Thursday 11th April 2019, at 6.30 pm, the Museum of Contemporary Art of the city of Caserta, in collaboration with the aA29 Art Project gallery, will inaugurate Sasha Vinci’s solo show “FANTASMI SENZA CORONE”, curated by Gerardo Giurin.

Sasha Vinci’s artistic research focuses on the political and cultural issues that afflict contemporary reality, investigating the lights and shadows. With a curious eye the artist examines social trends, actions in the world of politics, news reports.

“FANTASMI SENZA CORONE” are men and women who experience a crush on an inflexible present. The artist believes that needs to return to being active and vigilant elements within society, to generate a new awareness capable of “reviving” future prospects. And art is the antidote against indifference and the flattening of thought.


Gerardo Giurin writes: “Sasha Vinci’s personal exhibition in Caserta is part of a long journey. Three years of collaborations, dialogues and comparisons with aA29 have led to the birth of several projects, some concluded, others still on going. A strengthened, transformed and renewed experience through art and the reciprocal utopias that generate new artistic, social and political possibilities.

“FANTASMI SENZA CORONE” is a project that continues to observe possible worlds, but only time can define what today is imaginative”.


The exhibition includes the presentation of a series of unpublished works – drawings, sculptures, sound design, photographs and performances – which design a complete situation.

During the vernissage there will be a performance: a tableau vivant in which the symbolic element of the crown, a metaphor of power and domination, undergoes a profound change of meaning, becoming a praise to the community, a symbol of freedom, a commitment to change.

The project is completed with a series of unpublished drawings in which the artist analyses facts and events through the consultation of photographic material, from the web or from magazines, acquiring forms and figures that lend themselves to a personal process of reworking.

Through the simplicity of the sign and the fluidity of color, the works become an authentic documentation of social stories and of the life in which the artist is involved. All images created remain suspended and open to multiple interpretations, they harmonise on the sheet becoming a mirror of the epochs we pass through. Loads of symbolism, the works on paper run through themes that have not yet been overcome, from sexism to homophobia, from racism to the relationship between man and the “other”, in an attempt to create a different and possible look through the sign and the color .

The exhibition ends with the projection of the videos Mutabis, La Terra dei Fiori and La Repubblica delle Meraviglie, which compose “LA TRILOGIA DEL POSSIBILE”, a project created in collaboration with the artist Maria Grazia Galesi. Caserta and in particular La Reggia were the places that welcomed the second part of the trilogy, therefore the video becomes a tribute to the city.