Open Ceremony

Open Ceremony

Yvonne De Rosa
Ivan Grubanov
Jompet Kuswidananto
Isabella Pers
Tiziana Pers
Patrizia Posillipo
Matilde Sambo
Kyle Thompson
Sasha Vinci


Venerdì 14 Giugno, ore 18.00

aA29 Art Project Reggio Emilia
Via Verdi 10
42124, Reggio Emilia


Orari di apertura:
14 Giugno-8 Settembre
Mer-Ven 15:30 / 19:30


Media partner:
That’s Contemporary

aA29 Art Project expands its boundaries by presenting a new exhibition space in Reggio Emilia with the exhibition Open Ceremony which features all the artists represented by the gallery: Yvonne De Rosa, Ivan Grubanov, Jompet Kuswidananto, Isabella Pers, Tiziana Pers, Patrizia Posillipo, Matilde Sambo , Kyle Thompson and Sasha Vinci.
The Reggio Emilia headquarters adds to those of Milan and Caserta and is presented to the public as a place of participation and open to interdisciplinary dialogues to continue to promote the various forms of contemporary artistic experimentation through exhibitions, site specific projects and residences.

Open Ceremony wants to represent a moment of opening of the gallery towards a new city and a new audience. The inauguration, both of the exhibition and of the new space, is intended as a ritual and a moment of sharing.
The artists presented address, with different aesthetics and research approaches, some of the central topics of contemporaneity: environmental, social, antiespeciesism and non-anthropocentric issues. aA29 Art Project confirms its commitment to support the different artistic practices that often become an invitation to assume new points of view and, possibly, of action. Thus, the works featured in Open Ceremony seek to push the viewer to observe the present with different eyes, and to assume a position of responsibility for the world around him.