Matilde Sambo

Quando Le Mani Furono Liberate (Read info)

Sculpture For The Blind

Untitled Monitors And Materials
VIR Open studio- 06/06/2018.

Fairy Cage

I Need more

aA29 Projects



Matilde Sambo (Venice, Italy 1993) Graduated in Visual art IUAV University, in Venice.

Now based in Milan


– Residence at BOCS art, Cosenza, Italy
– Played at Paasinger Fabrik, Munich, Germany
– Played at Sale Docks, Venice, Italy
– Solo show “Falsità in buona coscienza” @ aA29 Project Room, Milan
– Group show ” Dark New Age” @ Spazio Gamma, Milan
– Group show ” Friends” @ Spazio Thetis, Venice
– Work as 2nd camera and editing assistant for “Ettore Spalletti” a documentary by Alessandra Galletta
– Played @Argo 16, Venice
– Played @Radio Raheem, Milan for Eva Macali’s project Rava vavàra


– Residency “Collective Signatures”, Formentera
– Group Show “Domande sul vivente” @aA29 Project Room, Milan
– Trigger Parties @Marsélleria, Milan
– Group Show @Villa Memo Giordani Valeri, Treviso
– Residence VIR Farini, Milan from September to July


– Played at t-space Milan
– Collective exhibition “Doxa, sounds from society” with her video “I NEED MORE” at Istituto Romeno della Cultura, Venice
– Played guitar and electronic at Loup studio in Rovereto on video projections
– Residence VIR Farini, Milan from September to December
– Wrote, filmed and edited the short film “I NEED MORE”


– Video installation “To the last” at the Venice International
– Performance Art Week at Palazzo Mora (Venice)
– Performed as a musician at Venice Internation Performance Art Week at Palazzo Mora (Venice)
– Video installation “To the last” at Immagini e Conflitti at Villa della Zonca (Treviso)


– Milano Film Festival: “All These Things I Used To Have” selected in the section “Video espanso” as one of the best videos of the last three years
-Creative Summit: The Curriculum at la Biennale di Venezia: performer for the artist Pedro Lash in his performance “HOW TO KNOW”


– Won the first prize of “Pomilio Blumm award”, Pescara


– Selected among the finalists of “Biennale Giovani Trento”
– Won the first prize of “Video concorso Pasinetti” in the section “Un giorno qualunque”


– Played at “Festival Sconfini”, Modena, with Mauro Sambo


– Played at “Teatro Fondamenta Nuove”, Venice, with Mauro Sambo
– Played at “Festival dell’acqua”, Valstagna, with Mauro Sambo


– Played at “Palazzo Fogazzaro”, Schio, during the Mauro Sambo’s performance “I’d prefer not”