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Nemanja Cvijanović

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In his work, Nemanja Cvijanović uses almost all the media and techniques of visual arts and entertainment. The work is based on a conceptual / post-conceptual approach and develops through the practice of collective performance, installations and interactive structures, production of videos and multimedia projects, painting, photography and sound works.


His main interest is to question and discover the mechanisms of production, manipulation and consumption of meaning in postmodern culture which is based on a critical attitude towards the ideological and aesthetic values ​​of modernist culture and society. His criticism manifests itself in works of art based on the structural and semantic order of pre-existing works, historical events or phenomena of mass culture, through mimesis and / or simulation. Cvijanović lucidly links past and present, parallel realities of different social systems and different artistic strategies.


Selection of personal exhibitions:



The sweet terror, Furini Arte Contamporanea Roma



Death to Fascism !, Tobačna 001 Cultural Center, Ljubljana

W THE POPULAR POWER, Delire Gallery, Brussels



Anonymous Project, Furini Contemporary Art, Rome



Don’t Fuck with Social Democracy !, ŠKUC Gallery, Ljubljana

Za dom spremni – IKEA, Galerija umjetnina, Split

Spomenik sjećanju na ideju or Internacionali, MSU Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb

NOT, (with Ivan Moudov), Alberta Pane Gallery, Paris



No, we are not simao like Him !, Kjosk! Public Art Platform, Bassano del Grappa



Collective passive performance Pop Art, Galerija SIZ, Rijeka

Applause !, Galerija VN, Zagreb



Paying my Electricity Bill, MMSU Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Rijeka

Aplauz !, Public intervention, Operacija: Grad 2008, Zagreb

Kronos Devouring One Of His Children, KoCA, Weimar

All Right, Galerija PM, Zagreb