Dormiveglia, curated by Yuliya Say

07.07.2022 ― 31.07.2022





Matilde Sambo
curated by Yuliya Say

Barriera, Torino

in collaboration with aA29 Art Project


Barriera presents the solo exhibition Dormiveglia by Matilde Sambo, a multidisciplinary artist who, after several years in Milan, moved to Naples where she currently lives and works.
Through an intimate, corporeal and incorporeal research, the artist explores the complex relationship between the natural world and the human being. Matilde Sambo uses the space of Barriera to modulate, with visual and tactile elements, the creation of an environment in which archetypes and apparently unknown forms coexist and lead the viewer into the evanescent realm of the half-asleep. A place where reality and imagination merge to give life to changeable creatures, sculptures made of raw clay, terracotta, tuff, volcanic stone, wax and bronze. The exhibition space is inhabited by guide animals, signs, footprints and reliefs from a common imaginary, archaic, universal and timeless journey.

Barriera is a non-profit association for contemporary art, founded in 2007 in Turin by a group of art collectors. Through various initiatives, shows and events, the space creates opportunities for dialogue between artists, curators and collectors to prefer contamination from other cultural areas.

Barriera promotes curatorial strategies aimed at encouraging young artists in research and directing the latter towards a production that responds to the specifics of the space starting from a process of sharing. Barriera is curated by Sergey Kantsedal and Yuliya Say.