The Next Flow

The Next Flow

Isabella Pers


A cura di:
Pietro Gaglianò


24 marzo al 31 maggio 2017
aA29 project Room di Milano

The aA29 project Room in Milan is pleased to present The Next Flow a solo exhibition of Isabella Pers from March 24th to May 31st 2017 curated by Pietro Gaglianò.


The Next Flow associates three projects by Isabella Pers, all inspired by the emergence of climate change, internal and international political crises, and consequences of an unbalanced relationship between anthropization and nature.

The exhibition focuses on the observation of social, cultural and natural ecosystems, the need for conditions for dialogue, planetary crises and changes accelerated by globalisation and, above all, a very strong sense of individual responsibility. This personal attitude of Isabella is reflected in her artistic practice where relationships are woven, juxtaposed worlds remote from each other, stitched together. Starting from the story of Ioane Teitiota, a citizen of the Kiribati islands, the first asylum seeker for climate change, an intimate and passionate reflection develops which uses photography, painting and video to tell stories of distant people, united by a destiny of border and migration, and to launch a request for attention, perception, responsibility.