Albania Available For Rent

Albania Available For Rent

Yvonne De Rosa


In collaboration with:
aA29 Art Project Gallery


11 maggio 2018 alle 18:30

Albania Available For Rent is the response to the spirit that lives in the memory of past things: a journey to discover a country and what remains of forty years of one of the most ferocious dictatorships of the nineties.

Putting together old images with more recent photographs, Yvonne De Rosa explores the old and the new, past and present of a dictatorship and its legacy, giving back her personal vision.

At the time of her travel in the same places where these photos were taken, the nation had already witnessed the conquest of independence, the establishment of the Republic, the Italian-German occupation until the socialist regime of Enver Hoxha with its fall and the difficult post-regime transition. “The Albanian population was experiencing a moment of suspension between a difficult period of post-regime transition and of building and financial speculation and a hope for the economic potential generated by the new phenomenon of the increase in tourism.”

“The intent of the project is to create an opportunity to reflect and to know how much a country very close to us has suffered as it did not happen with any other European nation beyond the curtain. Everything happened silently and apparently without a trace, because of the total closure to which it was subjected by one of the most ferocious dictators that contemporary history has ever known: Enver Hoxha.”

Adding another space / time level to the stories found, Yvonne De Rosa explores her own personal fight against time, dialoguing with the past and making this dialogue with the present that creates real metanarrations.

“Photography is the instrument that takes me beyond the aesthetic representation, towards a deeper observation of the human being”.