IN COMMON – Catalogue

IN COMMON – Catalogue

IN COMMON – Isabella Pers e Nada Prlja, curated by Laura Cherubini

Publisher – Manfredi Edizioni


IN COMMON speaks of the art practices of Isabella Pers and Nada Prlja, starting with the dual solo exhibition curated by Laura Cherubini in the spaces of the aA29 Art Project gallery in Milan.

The concept of common ground is developed on the spatial and temporal axes in the works of the two artists who, in a complex and fragile present, turn their gaze towards the intersection of that which lives in an organic conjunction, reaching the media super-structures that influence our perception, analyzing and deconstructing them.

Isabella Pers responds to the issue of climate change through the language of water and the con- nections of distant geographies and dormant everyday routines: from the paradisiacal atolls of Kiribati in the Pacific Ocean to the violence of Vaia storm in Italy, her works address a time that is no longer able to reconnect with its cyclical eternal return.

Nada Prlja’s research, on the other hand, originates from an innate critique of the art system itself: when will artists change the modes of production of their artworks, so as to avoid waste? This inquiry leads the artist to repeatedly recycle her own works of art, in order to create new works, defined by a superimposition of meanings.

The book reveals the possible margins of resistance: even just looking with fresh eyes at a different way of (co)existing can constitute another point of departure, where multiple levels of interconnectivity open up an alternative future, that may still be imaginable.