Lucas Memmola

Lucas Memmola



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Lucas Memmola was born in Bari in 1994 and he attended the Brera Academy of Fine Arts in Milan. Particularly interested in biological and organic processes, his approach to art is similar to that of an alchemist: he investigates how the elements of nature (earth, flesh, gold, fire…) can dialogue with each other, generating visual metaphors that mirror certain conditions of the human soul. 

The main objective of Memmola’s artistic research is therefore to describe processes within humankind and the reality that surrounds him through different poetic tools. Drawing also on religious themes or those belonging to the dimension of sacred and mythology, the artist analyses how they influence the contemporary collective imagination.

From 2016 to 2019 he has been assistant of the artist Gian Maria Tosatti. Among the group shows in which he took part there are: Vuoto Apparente, Cinema Beltrade (Milan, 2021); Linea di Contorno, VOCABOLUM (ultrasegno vol.1), Palazzo Fruscione (Salerno, 2021); Exit Strategy, Cinema Arcobaleno (Naples, 2021); exhibition on the occasion of the Eleventh Edition of the Combat Prize (was selected among the finalists), SAC – Spazio Arte Contemporanea (Livorno, 2020) and The Final Show, The Format – Contemporary Culture Gallery (Milan, 2015). 

His works have been also published in art magazines and journals of national relevance. Some of his works have been presented in the catalogue Linea di Contorno, Vocabulum (ultrasegno vol.1), 2021, ed. Gutenberg.