In her paintings and drawings Muriel Rodolosse questions manʼs notions of nature. Linked to current discussions concerning our change of geological epoch, the Anthropocene, her reflection questions reciprocal actions that change the properties of elements, bodies and phenomena. Her vision of a continuously disturbed nature is removed from references and the ʻpermanenceʼ of modernism.
'My practice recognizes the interdependence but also the equivalence of all painting styles and genres. As such, I seek to go beyond an authoritarian, theocratic, essentialist and ultimately arbitrary classification system by disrupting not only the notion of painting genres but also the nature of beings and elements, the relationships of scale and hierarchy towards a form of painting that is ʻanti- taxonomistʼ. (M. Rodolosse, 2014)

Muriel Rodolosse born, 1964
Lives and works in Paris

Laboratoire de l'extérieur / 2016 / Pittura su Plexiglas sul retro / 190x140cm

Laboratoire de l'extérieur