Valentina De Rosa e Vincenzo Pagliuca


In collaboration with:
aA29 Art Project Gallery



venerdì 26 ottobre, ore 18.30

aA29 Art Project is pleased to present the double solo show by Valentina De Rosa and Vincenzo Pagliuca entitled MONADI, curated by Gabriela Galati.


Valentina De Rosa has worked in Florence since 2013 in a 15th century villa that hosts people with serious mental, motor and sensory problems. The artist approached them one by one to portray them on a background of flat and vivid colours, in circumstance that was both everyday and personal following the stylistic features of the classic portrait. De Rosa relates to the subjects with emphasis but, as Giovanni Fiorentino writes, without any intention of denouncing, distancing her work from the traditional reportage. The works find a balance in the detached and at the same time delicate way in which they expose the fragility and momentary calm of the represented lives.


The Vincenzo Pagliuca mònos series is the result of a long research carried out by the artist along the Southern Apennines, from lower Lazio to the Aspromonte, photographing at dawn or in particular lighting intensities. The artist composes the image putting the isolated houses, which in many cases are no longer inhabited and in which the state of deterioration and abandonment is evident, at the center. They are apparently random architectures but able to create extraordinary relationships with the surrounding context.

The intensity of the light dye the photos of shades that convey the cold of winter dawn in the countryside.

The uniformity of the series, both from the point of view of the architectural typologies and from the point of view of the composition makes evident, almost paradoxically, the particularities and uniqueness of each piece.


Thus, both projects presented, Villa Montertuli by De Rosa and mònos by Pagliuca, dialogue on display on different types of singularity, both unique and solitary at the same time.